Private Sector Development Committee

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Rajendra Kishore Kshetri

Chief Secretary, GON, Chair: Private Sector Development Committee

The Private Sector Development Committee is the third tier of NBF. It is chaired by the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal and includes the Secretaries of relevant ministries as well as other invited participants such as development partners and experts from relevant fields. The Joint Secretary (Ministry of Industry, Industrial Promotion Division) serves as the Member Secretary of this Committee, with the Ministry of Industry serving as the coordinating body.

The PSDC has a policy focus and facilitates the implementation of the recommendations made by the Working Groups. It also works towards addressing inter-ministerial issues which have not been resolved by individual Working Groups. The PSDC, which meets every two months, reports to the HLBF on the Working Group activities.

Through the efforts of the PSDC, a task force on business licensing has been established in addition to an action plan and task force to implement reforms aimed at improving the ease of doing business in Nepal.