Govt to help create investment friendly climate

May 9, 2013: Despite political transition, the government has promised to support Public Private Dialogue as it has been instrumental in bringing reforms to create an investment-friendly environment.

The Government is committed to attract investment for which private sector, development partners and other related stake bearers will be expected to extend full support in our endeavor.  Government’s initiative will help Nepal to improve investment climate and get more investment locally and globally. In addition, initiatives are being taken to improve investment climate by removing obstacles for doing business, revising regulations and policies related to investment. NBF, in this journey, will turn out to be an effective mechanism to attract investment and make the private sector comfortable for additional investment.

 In face of acute and complex challenges in economic front, government seeks supports from the private sector to make overall reforms fruitful to boost the economy. NBF can be effective tool to achieve our goal of public-private collaboration.